ETH Цюрих. Часть 1 / ETH. Part 1

Как же так я попала в ETH Zurich? Тут прямо нужно сказать, что до 4 курса МГУ я про такой швейцарский университет ничего не слышала, да и вообще этим вопросом абсолютно не интересовалась. И вот на 4 курсе пришла мне в голову идея учебы или стажировки за рубежом, потому что одно дело ездить на неделю за границу в отпуск, а совсем... Continue Reading →

UX Books. The Dawn

When I got interested in the UX topic, I immediately dived into books, websites and blogs devoted to this and related subjects. Here I want to start with the very first books that opened me an exciting (but sometimes sad) world of the UX and usability. I started from the very famous "Don't make me... Continue Reading →


Engadin is a valley in the canton Graubünden in Switzerland. This valley is very beautiful destination for skiing, hiking and even sailing (during summer). Perhaps the most famous village in Engadin is St. Moritz, popular among Russians - during high season you can hear Russian language more often than any other. I love this place,... Continue Reading →

Zurich restaurants

There is a list of restaurants in Zurich that are worth of visit (and that I visited at least once). They range from sophisticated ones, where a table should be booked weeks in advance, to simple ones full of students and teenagers. Regular ones: Holy Cow is one of my favourite places. There are several restaurants... Continue Reading →

Zermatt for non-skiers

There are many well-known touristic places in Switzerland, but Zermatt is, perhaps, the most popular. All year round there are crowds of tourists who came here to ski, hike, make selfies and eat fondue. So what can you do in Zermatt if you are not skiing? In this case the best time to visit would... Continue Reading →

Cheap and expensive Switzerland

Русский здесь/Russian is here Perhaps the most popular question to me regarding my Swiss life is “wow how can you live there, it’s so expensive?!”. First month here, as I arrived from Russia, I was totally shocked and spent my time mostly calculating prices in Russian ruble and continued being shocked even more. When I... Continue Reading →

Война за квартиру

Когда я только приехала на учёбу, мне дали комнату в студенческом общежитии: просторная квартира на 15 человек, несколько ванных комнат, гигантская кухня-столовая с балконом. Тогда я ещё не подозревала, как мне повезло получить жилье в Цюрихе! В Цюрихе на просмотр квартир выстраиваются очень длинные очереди (доходит до пары сотен метров), а к заявке на квартиру... Continue Reading →

Medicine, or How to survive

Русский здесь/Russian is here If you have a cold, flu or something similar, quite often the recommendations that your Swiss doctor will give you is to drink more non-caffeine based teas (camomile, peppermint, berries) and wait until the illness is gone. My doctor so far never gave me any strange prescription/antibiotics that I could have... Continue Reading →

Olympics or no Olympics?

  Русский ниже/Russian is here Swiss government is planning to nominate the country for hosting Winter Olympics 2026: This idea exists already for a while, and there was a previous attempt to nominate the country for games in 2022. This did not happen as Swiss people from the potential hosting canton Graubungen voted against... Continue Reading →

Living Swiss life

Long time ago, my father told me a joke about immigration and tourism. It was quite long and included hell, paradise, angels and demons. The thought that I was supposed to learn from it was that immigration should not be confused with tourism: the latter is easier and does not open any significant day-to-day concerns... Continue Reading →

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