Parties, studying and sleep: only two are possible

Meanwhile in Switzerland student society is very diverse and multinational. Rich parents' children, smart parents' children and just someone's children arrive here to study and even sometimes to absorb local culture and traditions. Many desirous current or future managers come here to obtain MBA degree, hoping that this will rise their salaries up to the... Continue Reading →

Free Public Transport Day, or Two Birds With One Stone

This post is about two little trips to the Rheinfall and boat trip across the Zürich lake, which were made on the same day of free transport in the Zürich canton. Этот пост рассказывает о поездке к Рейнскому водопаду, а затем на корабле по Цюрихскому озеру. Оба путешествия стали возможны благодаря бесплатному дню общественного транспорта в Цюрихском кантоне.

According to the schedule, or Zürich life

Meanwhile in Switzerland I ask myself - what does it mean to be Swiss, live in Zürich? What is the difference with other nations? To begin with, Zürich has only 300 thousands inhabitants, it's the biggest Swiss city. After Moscow, which is full of people, all day noise and dirt, Zürich returns serenity and good pace to... Continue Reading →

All world in one flat

Living in one flat with people from different countries is unusual, strange, curious, sad - but never boring. My experience has started from the flat of 15 people, the majority of whom were students came for an exchange semester from abroad: Brazil, South Korea, Chile, Singapore, the Netherlands, Spain. That half of a year was very... Continue Reading →

Pilatus, or High above the world

Meanwhile in Switzerland I accomplished a grand tour to Pilatus, one of the most popular tourist destinations among Swiss mountains. It is easily reached through the public transport system and does not need special equipment to get on the top to admire picturesque view of the Alps. To be honest, it was my first trip... Continue Reading →

Astonishment and Switzerland

Русский Swiss people don't stop amazing me. Look at them - I have already spent enough time in their company, but they still have some surprises in their pockets. Let's take, for example, language. On the territory only of 41 thousands square kilometers four languages and their native speakers are cozily and densely located. Swiss people... Continue Reading →

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