Between Grosser and Kleiner Mythen

It was a hiking route that I was looking forward to for a long time – from Brunni, little village in the canton Schwyz, to a view point between Grosser Mythen and Kleiner Mythen. The names of these two mountains suggest that one of them is the big one, and another is the small, and, well, they do look accordingly.

To get to Brunni from Zurich, you first need to take a train to Einsiedeln and then a bus to Brunni. A region around Grosser and Kleiner Mythen is quite popular for hiking, so during weekends there is enough people travelling!

From Brunni you can have a shortcut and take a cableway up to the side of Grosser Mythen. I skipped on this opportunity, deciding in favour of walking up by myself. At first the route did not seem demanding – wide stable road, a bit of trees. But then suddenly the landscape changed and I had to constantly walk up without any break for a flat section! This suffering lasted for about forty minutes until I reached a restaurant (link to infromation about it is here, in German). Afterwards the path was quite flat and went mostly through the pine forest, giving me an opportunity to rest.

After a bit more than an hour of walking I reached my destination – a view point to the canton Schwyz.

View from the destination point
View on the canton Schwyz and lake Lucerne

Walking back (and down) seemed like a very easy task after such an intensive hike up!


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