Lake Klöntal – azure gem of the canton Glarus

Если вы ищете версию на русском, она здесь.

For an easy hike with friends I chose lake Klöntal (Klöntalersee), located 1.5 hours from Zurich by public transport.

Маршрут вдоль Клёнтальского озера
Route along the lake Klöntal (information from the website

It is easy to get to the lake: first we took a train from Zurich to Glarus – that is the same-name capital of the canton, afterwards we drove a bus on a narrow road meandering along the cliffs above the lake. It is possible to start this hiking route from either side, we chose to go first to the furthest end of the lake, so the bus drive took about half an hour (bus stop“Klöntal, Vorauen”). If you prefer to start from the closest to Glarus side of the lake, you should disembark from the bus at “Klöntal, Rhodannenberg”, it is about half as long. The road is extremely narrow, so the bus driver signals regularly with an incredible loud sound, making oncoming traffic aware of its approaching.

The path goes along the lake, sometimes going deeper into the forest, but sometimes following lake beaches. Despite the rain, it stayed firm and steady, often wide enough for two people to walk next to each other. At some point we passed by a very high waterfall with some snow nearby that turned black, but not yet melted. Several times we crossed something that resembled a dry riverbed – perhaps in spring it gets filled up with water, so be careful and read about weather in the region in advance.

On the route we saw tiny frogs that we climbing up the hill towards some unknown for us destination. Poor things we falling, but were back on their feet and climbing again!

There are places for grill all along the route, and some families were already making use of them.

View of the lake Klöntal
View of the lake Klöntal

Here you can read more about the region Klöntal and what you can do there: link (information in German).

Description of my hike is here: link (English).

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