Swiss sauna: Forget about pants

Если вы ищете версию на русском, она здесь.

There are mineral springs in Scuol that are used in the mineral spa center Bogn Engiadina: swimming pools, spas, saunas, whirlpools. The swimming part (with water of different mineralization levels and temperature) is very nice: a swimming pool with whirlpools inside the building as well as one outside can satisfy any taste, and the view on the mountains is gorgeous. Perhaps the best time for the outside swimming pools is winter: you can enjoy healthy warm water and an outlook on the snow mountains at the same time.

We lived in the hotel Guarda Val, from where there is a direct (but long) warm passage to Bogn Engadina. I can image how wonderful it is in winter to come back from skiing, wrap yourself in a bathrobe and go in house shoes directly to bubbling mineral water. You can avoid putting on layers of winter outfits and later taking them down!

Spa center Bogn Engiadina: pool with mineral water and the mountain view behind

You should especially pay your attention to the Roman-Irish bath: this is actually a separate 3 hours procedure that should be booked in advance. During these three hours you will habe several saunas, steam bath, whirpools and massages. The whole interior is wonderfully decorated with mosaics, murbles and colourful glass. Each twenty minutes only two people are allowed to start the procedures, and their sequence is composed in a way that visitors see each other as rarely as possible. (Here is a link in German)

Spa center Bogn Engiadina: salt water pool

And here comes the most interesting point about saunas: Almost all saunas and spas in German-speaking part or Switzerland are strictly naked. There is no separation on male/female sauna, although occasionally there are special “women” days. Swimming suits are prohibited, and if you are especially shy you can cover yourself in a towel, but for steam rooms even towels are not allowed. Between sauna rooms it is pretty common to wear a towel, but there are enough men who continue walking naked.  

So take off your clothes, grab a towel to lay it under your sweating butt and come to a sauna together with everyone older than 16 – children are not allowed there. It took me about five visits to get used to complete nakedness, but it’s been already half a year since I visit sauna without any issues.

Sunset in Scuol
Sunset in Scuol

First and second photos are taken from the website of Bogn Engiadina.

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