Spring in Switzerland

Если вы ищете текст на русском, он здесь.

When spring comes to Switzerland, everything becomes even more impressive. Flowers are blooming everywhere, trees suddenly become green and the sun immediately fries you if you stay longer than 15 minutes.

The fields are especially beautiful. When you travel by car, you pass by tiny villages which are all deep into blooming gardens, and after that you suddenly see wide vast of green or yellow fields. Maybe even with cows. Or sheep. And you are amazed, why everything looks so neat, so tidy. I think the secret answer is because all fields, all lawns, all pieces of land are mowed. Seems like each Swiss citizen assumes it’s his own personal duty to mow everything that he can see. And this makes traveling by car amid spring fields so lovely experience.

Essential parts of Zürich are flowerbeds. As person with deep Russian background and full student experience, I find it’s very admirable that all flowers stay as long as they bloom, without someone cutting or just snatching it. Incredible, yes?

Here in Switzerland the spring is different from what we traditionally have in Russia. It is almost impossible to remember a rainy day with dirt – usually it’s only puddles (yes, if you are unfortunate, there are big ones). Roads and pavements are built in a way to avoid creating mud, and sewerage works perfectly. Although it seems to be highly fancy trend to have rain boots and even high rain boots, there is not a big necessity in it. It is possible to debate forever about what leads to such a terrible mud on Russian roads (and why Swiss ones are so clean). Not sure how many generations of Russians are still confused by this question, maybe it even became a part of national self-consciousness. But here, especially in the city, there is choice: either the pavement is wet (probably with some puddles) or it’s dry. Mud? What mud? Nope, haven’t heard about. Moreover, so far only few road constructions or repairs were seen, and the question arises: how do they survive without changing asphalt each year? Incredible. But it’s a topic for another discussion.

Swiss people deeply love the country they live in, and appreciate what their mountainous land has to offer. Everything is taken care of, and tidy fields and gardens become a continuation of natural alpine beauty. This combination creates wonderful impressions that make you want to experience Swiss spring again and again.

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