Schönried / Gstaad

The first May weekends I spent in the Bernese Oberland – a southern part of the canton of Bern. It has mountains and quite famous ski resorts, but due to the season those resorts were mostly closed, the villages and roads empty. The weather was though very hiking-friendly.

We were staying in the wonderful hotel Ermitage, in a little village named Schönried not far away from Gstaad. This hotel offers a wonderful package that includes meals in the room price: a breakfast, light lunch, afternoon cakes and a dinner with several courses. The spa section of the hotel is amazing – it includes the underground floor of the hotel, has exists to the outdoor swimming-pools and a garden. I enjoyed stunning Alpine view from the chair right next to the pool!

There is not much to do in the village itself, but there are a lot of hiking routes around it. Moreover, Schönried is relatively close to a famous village of Gruyer and the same named castle. I definitely recommend going there for a day trip, but prepare for a huge crowd of tourists unless you arrive early in the morning. More about the castle and the village you can read here: La Gruyère.


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