Hiking: Sattel Rundweg

As I was craving some real snow and winter, and the weather in Zurich was sad, rainy and very grey, it was decided to make a little trip to Sattel, a little village in the canton Schwyz. From this village the cable car brings you up to the mountain called Hochstuckli, where you can enjoy a two hours hiking tour. The path goes in a circle around the mountain, it is very easy, so even families with children do it.

It took us about an hour to get there from Zurich: First, from Zurich to Arth-Goldau, then a change of trains and a next destination – Sattel-Aegeri. A tiny little station is right next to a big wood processing company, there were a lot of logs piled up. After a brief walk to the cable car station, we saw a long queue consisting mainly of parents with children. Apparently, this mountain is quite popular for skiing among families – the slopes are quite gradual and safe, and the overall it is not hight (a cable car trip is short). There are multiple ski schools, several slopes for sledging and a couple of restaurants. To my great happiness, there was enough snow!


The hiking path was more like a road – bright, more or less clean and not steep. The views were amazing, the only thing that darkened the hike was the cloudy weather, but even with it the views were fascinating. It is possible to successfully complete the route even without hiking boots, but if you plan to diverge from the original route, I would still recommend some stable footwear.



I can recommend it as a day trip – it is pretty, easy and not far away from Zurich. More details you can check directly on the website here: Sattel Rundweg. Quite important: it is not expensive! It is located in several travelling zones from Zurich, so if you already have a city ticket, you would need only some extensions.




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