Following the nature route

Meanwhile in Switzerland we still have semester break, which means I have quite a lot of time for travelling and exploring Switzerland.

In the end of June it was suggested to go to Interlaken and have a boat cruise on one of the lakes – Brienzersee. We were very lucky with weather – almost no clouds, light wind, warm but not hot. We could have not wished for a better day!

Short summary in Russian:

Этот пост рассказывает о красотах Швейцарии в районе городка Интерлакен, что расположен между двумя озерами. Автор выражает глубокую признательность всем русскоязычным читателям, которые смогут осилить чтение этой небольшой публикации на английском языке.

The way to Interlaken from Zürich goes through a nice town Thun. Actually, it wasn’t included in our trip, but we decided to stop there and have a look, as people say it’s a beautiful town. And yes, it is! The castle, old cozy houses, poppling river and flowers, thousands of flowers everywhere. So far it was one of the best illustration of traditional Swiss town, it came like from the fairy-tales which you used to listen to while being young and inexperienced. It had an incredible atmosphere of total calmness and complete absence of feeling of hurry. Everything was not quick, but surprisingly according to the schedule and efficient enough. This characteristic of inhabitants of canton Bern other Swiss people notice and sometimes make jokes about. For me personally, it had a favorable effect: it was calming down and absolutely relaxing. The best guess in random stops on your way to the destination.

After Thun we headed to Interlaken, which meant that mountains were becoming closer and closer, and I was a happy child staring in the window. When I came to Switzerland, I fell in love with local mountains – I saw mountains before, back than they didn’t impress me much. Now they seized my heart completely; moreover, each time I go to the mountains, some philosophic mood comes to me and makes think of life.

Finally we arrived to Interlaken, which occurred to be very long shaped town with as it seemed only one street. To our amusement, on each step there were Grand Hotels or just Royal Hotels, each keeping its own representation of Grandeur or Royalty. And hundreds of tourists, mainly from Asia or the USA, both loud and amazed by the sublime mountains nature.

When it came to boat, to my surprise there were not that many people, but it’s not a reason to complain. We left Interlaken through a narrow channel and were eventually in the lake itself, surrounded by mountains and lovely villages. There is not much to describe; there were multiple gorgeous and breathtaking views, each of them leaving unforgettable memory. All villages that we passed by or even stopped at, where incredibly cute, creating an impression that all residents decided once upon on some architecture style and since then followed it without any exceptions. Maybe I haven’t read enough fairy-tales when I was a child, but those gingerbread houses and sharp spires of churches together with unbelievable azure of the lake and high blue sky made me touched and wishing to have a dragon or at least magician living nearby.

To make the trip even more saturated, it was decided to come back using a long road – through the mountains. By that time I was already full of impressions, and my face couldn’t continue to show explicitly many emotions, although I still had quite a lot. Again villages, churches, fields, mountains. Man can say – what is it an interest in all those villages which look the same? Nature! Mountains, fields, rivers, waterfalls around make each frame that you notice unrepeatable.

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